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Revio is a subscription billing platform that maximises a customer’s lifetime value by digitising end-to-end customer engagement processes. This is achieved by providing businesses with a single platform to manage how customers pay and respond in real-time.

South Africa
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When Revio began, they needed help in reducing their monthly burn rate and extend their runway. They wanted to run a small core team and complement it with outsourced resources that they did not need permanently in the early stages.


In the early stage of discovery we developed a clear understanding of the competitor and client landscapes.

  1. We then tested Revio with real clients and tweaked the product where necessary, based of feedback.
  2. We built out the subscription management and payment capabilities.
  3. 40+ clients were onboarded and scaling Revio was underway.


In its first 18 months, we assisted revio in achieving product-market fit. During this time they acquired 40+ clients and started their pre-series A funding in order to scale their services to other regions. As of June 2022, revio will have the foundations to be self-sufficient but we look forward to remaining close partners with the venture.

Next steps

Revio is now equipped to scale into Africa and grow their client base independently.

Ruaan Botha
CEO and founder | Revio

“Working with The Delta turned out to be a great advantage for us. The Delta unlocked access to their partners and ecosystems which was super valuable to us. Working with The Delta gave our business a level of legitimacy that we would not have had if we worked alone. I think one of the most valuable things that we go from working with The Delta was being able to collaborate with startups that fast-tracked our growth.“

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