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Switch replaces traditional customer acquisition channels and referral programmes through a platform that allows the opportunity to access pre-validated, new customers, at scale.


Switch had to bring an idea to life and move from discovery to MVP phase. After sitting on an idea with a limited workforce to add substantial insight and input, they needed help with the venture building process.


  1. We took on the venture in the early incubation phase and set up a team to take it to the MVP/POC phase.
  2. We helped build a brand for Switch with extensive market research to assist the process.
  3. From there the brand assets were built to create an MVP.


After extensive research on the market, identifying a problem, and workshopping a solution, we went on to build brand assets and an MVP. Switch then moved into the POC phase and launched with a loyal partner, UCOOK. During this POC phase, we onboarded 10 new acquisitional partners and secured R10k in vouchers. The POC was a success.

Next steps

At this stage, we are taking all information gathered from the POC phase and restructuring the pitch deck. We are moving into the fundraising phase. Once Switch has more funding, it will rebrand, build a go-to-market strategy, and scale.

David Torr

"The Delta was an obvious one for me, the structure and work force was perfect for what we wanted to achieve."

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