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Distil your idea and confirm that it resonates with your customers.

Rooted in refinement workshops and research, we distil the key differentiators of your idea and articulate your offer in a clear, memorable value proposition, while ensuring it holds up in the market.

Refine your venture with the right tools, operations, and team

Pitch deck

1-2 weeks

Receive a polished pitch deck that articulates the problem faced by your market, with evidence, and maps out the solution – or value proposition – of your venture.

High-level financial model

1-2 weeks

Estimate costs and revenue opportunities associated with the refined idea, and use this as a decision-making tool.

Testing strategy for validation

2-4 weeks

Identify leap-of-faith assumptions around your idea and plot a strategy to establish whether we should pivot, persevere, or retire the idea in an iterative, low-risk manner.

Building a venture from the ground up is no easy task. At The Delta, it’s what we know, and what we’re best at.

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