The Delta participates in one of the largest seed investments in European history: €30 million in Luca 🚀

The Delta participates in one of the largest seed investments in European history 🚀

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Bulletproof your idea with proven validation techniques

Test the refined version of your solution using our playbook of 50+ validation experiments, and arrive at a validated concept that’s ready to go into product development.

Validated value proposition

4-6 weeks

Leverage our venture architects' data-driven experimentation to validate your idea and, if necessary, adjust your value proposition.

Proof of

4-6 weeks

We craft a proof of concept to launch your venture idea to customers to get feedback as quickly as possible while minimising your risk.

Minimum viable product (MVP)

2-4 weeks

Launch an early phase V1 of your venture into paying customers' hands and begin generating insights for rapid improvement and better market fit.

Having The Delta on board from Day 1 enabled AI-BO to leap months ahead of its solo trajectory. Our product would not be where it is without The Delta. The same for our revenue.
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