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DeltaOs is a platform that matches you with the right people, tools, companies, products & services at every stage of your startup's journey.

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Access assessments that enable you to unpack the risks in different areas of your startup, from your tech due diligence to your ability to scale.

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We've found and curated top businesses  that we trust to provide services and products to ventures within our ecosystem.

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Need support with services to support you in your journey to success? We match you with products & services from businesses within our trusted directory.

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Perform a Gap Analysis on your Startup

Our startup assessments help identify areas where your venture may be falling short and offers recommendations to accelerate your venture’s success.

Are you
fundraise ready?

Fundraising is challenging so this analysis aims to address all the key questions investors will be interested in, and provides you with a personalised report with recommendations &resources.

Would you pass a
tech due diligence?

Identify all the technical risks within your company and access personalised recommendations as to what you need to change to pass a technical due diligence.

Is your startup
ready to scale?

Do you have all the foundations set up in your organisation that are going to enable you to scale? your key risks and ways to resolve these risks.

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Are you a business that services startups? 

We'd love to connect and learn more about what you offer startups.

DeltaOs performs an extensive vetting of every service provider or business that we list on our platform, as we only want to match our startups with the startup centric companies.

If this sounds like you, book a call with our partnerships team who will be happy to get you onboard.

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