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June 2, 2022

5 Reasons to Outsource Your Development Project & Tips to Consider When Choosing a Team

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Written by
Jayde McLoughlin
Growth Manager

When the global outsourcing market is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 4% between 2021 and 2025, outsourcing a development team should be on your radar.

Additionally, across the world, 78% of businesses reported that they have a positive attitude towards their outsourced partners. Not to mention all the major benefits of outsourcing your development team, from access to global talent to the use and implementation of leading technologies.

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Written by
Jayde McLoughlin
Growth Manager
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Here are some of the main reasons you should be considering outsourcing for your next development project:

Reason 1: Access to global talent 

We’ll start with (arguably) the biggest benefit of hiring a development team or expert - the ability to deliver high quality project outputs (as this is correlated with hiring top notch talent). Why would you limit your ability to deliver leading outputs, when in fact, you have access to a whole world of talent?  

  • Gain access to both local and global experts
  • Short-term projects don’t justify in-house hiring (if anything, this is actually incredibly inefficient and expensive) 
  • Outsourcing offers flexibility and cost-efficiency (you can hire experts as per your project’s requirements)

Tip: Ensure that you specify exactly what is required from your experts, as not to have any misalignments or miscommunication. Your team of experts can quickly become costly if you keep them around for too long.

Reason 2: Launch faster & more efficiently

Unlike anything you can do in-house, development companies have the tools and manpower to efficiently and effectively launch products, faster. When working in a competitive, quick-moving digital environment, speed to market is an essential. 

Having a software development team with experience in agile methodology and high quality project management allows your product to be fit-for-market before any competitors can get to the market. 

  • Access agile and efficient processes, while still delivering on quality 
  • Save project management time, making for shorter development time and a faster launch
  • Dictate timelines as per your schedule 

Tip: Make it clear to your development team that quality is your first priority (and that speed is a close second). Even though a great benefit of using an external development team is quicker builds, you don’t ever want to be trading quality for speed of launch. 

Why would you limit your ability to deliver leading outputs, when in fact, you have access to a whole world of talent?

Reason 3: Lean on the established & experienced

The next best benefit of hiring a development company is that it gives you access to an established and experienced team. Depending on the project at hand, you can find a software development company that not only specialises in your industry, but also brings a wealth of experience in overcoming past (and potential) development issues.  

There are few companies (big and small) that have the resources to implement all the systems and services for a new project. Rather than trying to compete with them, hire them.

  • Access resources, systems & services that were previously unavailable or unaffordable
  • Hand over the expensive responsibility of software licenses & subscriptions & any equipment maintenance
  • Receive immediate responses/help when needed (this is ideal when there is a crisis at hand

Tip: Examine your development company’s history, closely, to see what other customers’ experiences and final outputs were like. If you’re going to hire external teams, you want to make sure their experience is up to standard. 

Reason 4: Utilise & implement up-to-date technology

As new technologies are launched every day and software systems are updated daily, development companies tend to evolve and adapt just as quickly. It’s not easy to stay up to date with these evolutions on your own. So having a development team on your side is crucial.

Hiring an external development team is also great for advice and guidance on which technologies and softwares to implement on your project. They’re there to help you use cutting-edge options such as AI, data analytics, and even cybersecurity, in order to develop the best-fit solutions for your market. 

Tip: Sometimes, it’s a cause of “you don’t know what you don’t know”, especially because technology is moving so quickly. So you really need to trust the experts for guidance and input.

There are few companies (big and small) that have the resources to implement all the systems and services for a new project. Rather than trying to compete with them, hire them.

Reason 5: Keeping the focus

Losing focus on your idea and getting caught up in the details of its development can quickly cause you and your team to lose momentum. Especially when you’ve got limited resources and time to work with. You don’t want to waste time on development and the technologies involved, when you can simply outsource for this. 

Tip: Aim not to micromanage your development team, as this can be a distraction in itself. Set up short daily or weekly meetings if your development team hasn’t already done that. But if you’ve followed the above tips, you should feel comfortable with the team you’ve chosen. 

If any of the above benefits sound like something your company needs, then The Delta might be the right fit for you. 

Our team of 100+ full-stack engineers have a track record of building great products. Speak to us today about our world-class talent, quality infrastructure, and client-centric approach, and let’s build your idea, together.

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