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The Delta’s unique work environment is a perfect fit for anyone looking to develop their skillset in a specific line of work or try out different roles across a variety of business areas. Move between our startup clients and get exposure to different industries, audiences, and areas of problem solving.

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Our company culture is designed to support and empower the very people that build our ventures. Our culture is based in trust and honesty, and comes with a couple perks, too.

Great culture with regular team events.

Flexible working hours and remote working options.

Co-drive the venture startup space.

Be a part of shaping the next venture game-changer.

Get exposure to and experience with cutting-edge technology.

Work with us or one of our ventures.

Our team is full of great talent, and we’re making sure our ventures are, too. If you’re excited about joining the early days of a startup, then take a look at our ventures’ vacancies.

Or, join us at The Delta and build great ventures with our established team of 200+.

“Working with The Delta has provided loads of growth opportunities for me, both personally and professionally. It's been incredible to see the variety of projects one can work on, ranging in industry, complexity, and size. I really look forward to seeing the company grow with an insanely committed and intelligent group of people behind it!”

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Weronika D.

“I would recommend The Delta to any developer wishing to learn and gain as much experience as they can. Due to the vast variety of projects, You will be able to gain experience in so many different industries, with some amazing clients & entrepreneurs.”

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Marina Kriek
Software engineer

“Before I started at The Delta, I joked with family & friends that I had wanted to be a "Delta girl" - simply because the team exuded a progressive, enthusiastic & mindful culture. With just three months in, The Delta has been exactly that - a perfect mix of challenge & support; anticipation & celebration; hard work & freedom.”

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Jayde McLoughlin
Growth manager

“Working at The Delta has been really engaging. There’s always new and interesting ventures to design for, each with its own challenges to tackle. I’ll be looking forward to growing with the company.”

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William Barnett

“The best part of being a venture manager at The Delta is the level of exposure you get to every aspect of starting and building a business. The learning curve in this career is limitless, with the luxury of being able to drive it in the direction that is the most beneficial to your venture and subsequently you. But what really sets The Delta apart is that you have the privilege of learning amongst some of the greatest minds in the industry, in an environment that is entrenched in trust, support and so much fun.”

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Kirsten Hinde
Venture manager

“If there is any case to be made for creating a better world, society or quality of life it narrows down to one thing. Be better today than you were yesterday. Improve yourself. This happens almost by default at The Delta where the environment is built around personal development and growth. We learn more, in order to do more in order to be better and it is absolutely fantastic. I can sincerely say I have never worked in a better team and I am loving it.”

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Jay Mboniswa
Growth manager
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