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Our services are designed to support ventures throughout the growth journey.
Crystallise your idea and bulletproof your business model.
Build anything from a no-code MVP to a fully scalable system.
Launch with confidence and access the tools to plug your venture into hyper-growth.

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Helping handly digitise the $5 trillion home improvement industry and secure a €1.5 million pre-seed round.

A low-code POC success story, we collaborated with the WorkWeek team to design an innovative product solution in an often neglected market.

The Delta was the dedicated building partner for this enterprise operations platform, supporting the venture from early ideation through to launch.

We became the development partner for the doctorly team, and helped them get their product from POC to market.

From successful MVP to onboarding industry-leading clients – we took the journey with the Yazi team.

"Working with The Delta right from the outset made the most amount of sense as it gave us access to talented engineers who could help us build out the first version of our product quickly and efficiently."

Access tailored support at any stage of your venture's lifecycle.

For the founder with an idea, our early-stage services shape your idea into a business model and venture that’s ready to be built.

Idea refinement
Rapid experimentation
Product discovery & strategy
Founder support & coaching

As an early-stage startup, proving your value is priority. We help you validate your venture through real user feedback.

Proof of concept
User testing

Get clear on your value to customers, craft a compelling business model to attract investors, and find the right talent for your venture.

Product strategy
Product development
Fundraising support

We provide hands-on expertise and support to startups making moves to scale in market with new or expanding product offerings.

Product design & development
System design
Talent services
Operational design

Join an ecosystem rich with talented founders and their ventures.

“Over the past decade, The Delta has demonstrated an excellent understanding of what it takes to get a venture to market. They’ve been a great venture partner and are clearly attracting some of the best tech talent in Europe & Africa.”

Julian Teicke
Julian Teicke
CEO & Founder

"Culturally the two organisations are a great fit for each other with similar values and make up. Great communication, deep integration into our teams and tools are really key success factors.”

Jörg Godau
Jörg Godau

“Working with The Delta has been amazing. Their positive culture and dedication are contagious and have allowed us to scale our venture 10x within a record time.”

Carel van Dyk
Carel van Dyk
Senior Product Manager

“Working with The Delta gave our business a level of legitimacy that we would not have had if we worked alone. I think one of the most valuable things that we got from working with The Delta was being able to collaborate with startups that fast-tracked our growth.“

Ruaan Botha
Ruaan Botha

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May 9, 2023

From our experts: Low-code vs. Custom build

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