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October 10, 2023

Delta Studio Invests in Project Y

Leveraging our African and European ecosystem to build the first-of-its-kind digital welfare state that activates dormant emerging market talent pools within talent-hungry developed markets.
October 10, 2023
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We are at the cusp of a new dawn in the world of technology and social innovation. It is with great pleasure that we unveil a groundbreaking venture that epitomises this evolution. Six months ago, we met Felix Anthonj, a visionary entrepreneur who introduced us to an initiative that merges technology, education, and social welfare. Today, we're excited to announce that this venture, Project Y, has joined the Delta Studio family.

The Founder

Felix Anthonj isn’t a new name in the technology and entrepreneurial space. With a formidable track record in founding and scaling Flexperto, a customer engagement enterprise that garnered over 100 significant clients in the DACH region, Felix demonstrated an innate ability to lead, innovate, and succeed. The acquisition of Flexperto by RGI Spa and CVC Capital attests to the calibre of his vision and execution. 

Now, Felix is channelling his expertise towards a more socially inclined venture. Project Y isn’t just another startup; it’s a digital welfare state designed to mirror the resilience and support systems of advanced physical welfare states, transcending geographical borders to tap into, nurture, and elevate dormant talent pools globally.

Felix Anthonj, Founder of Project Y.

The Problem 

In the existing global structure, a chasm exists where high-potential talents in emerging markets are hindered by geographical and economic boundaries. Quality education, a cornerstone for upward mobility, remains inaccessible. Traditional financial solutions and educational systems have proven inadequate, leaving a wealth of untapped potential and unmet global workforce demands. This scenario underscores the urgent need for a reimagined, borderless welfare system that leverages digital innovation to make quality education and social support accessible.

The Solution 

Project Y stands as a first-of-its-kind digital welfare state, meticulously engineered to provide a comprehensive support ecosystem that transcends traditional educational and social welfare paradigms. It integrates cutting-edge technology, AI, and behavioural analytics to identify, nurture, and elevate talents from low-opportunity, low-income backgrounds. But it goes beyond education. Project Y encapsulates a holistic digital welfare state offering healthcare, insurance, and a plethora of support mechanisms, ensuring that each talent is not just educated but wholly supported to transition seamlessly into the global workforce.

This digital welfare state isn’t confined by geographical boundaries. It’s a global initiative, a borderless entity designed to identify dormant talents and elevate them into the realms of global contribution and self-sustainability. It’s a synergy of technology and humanity, an innovative approach to social welfare that’s scalable, sustainable, and impactful.

Project Y aims to build an uncorrelated asset class for investors, marrying economic gains with social impact. It transcends the myopic view of education and employment, weaving in a network of support and opportunities that turns potential into proficiency and education into employment.

Why We Invested 

Our conviction in Project Y stems from its innovative approach to addressing a dual-faced challenge – untapped global talent and unmet workforce demands. We see in Felix and Project Y a robust solution that leverages the digital welfare state model, promising a seamless integration of talents into the global ecosystem, backed by a support network that mirrors the world's most advanced physical welfare states.

The venture aligns seamlessly with our ethos – it’s not just about economic gains, but solving the world's biggest problems. Our ecosystem is primed to nurture and scale such an innovative model. We have observed the success of ventures like Andela and witnessed the seamless integration and exceptional contributions of South African tech talent in the EU.

In Project Y, we see the future; a world where the digital welfare state becomes the norm, where geographical and economic barriers are obliterated, and where every talent, regardless of their origin, is accorded an equal opportunity to ascend to global stages. We are not just investing in a venture; we are sowing seeds into a future where digital welfare states bridge gaps, connect worlds, and transform lives. We are proud partners in this journey, ready to witness the unfolding of a new chapter in global social and economic evolution.


This article was written by Ryan Shub, VP of Delta Studio. To learn more about Delta Studio, click here.

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