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September 5, 2023

The Delta Evolution: Igniting Venture Growth

Today marks a pivotal moment in The Delta's evolution. Continue reading to discover the changes.
September 5, 2023
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Founder & CEO, The Delta

I am excited to announce a pivotal moment in our journey at The Delta, a transformation that we believe will unlock the next gear of value for ventures we come into contact with. 

This significant transition marks our evolution from a venture builder, a space we have occupied and advanced within over the last 7 years, to a vibrant venture ecosystem, a new domain engineered to multiply the value we infuse into our ventures.

The Delta’s mission has been to solve the world's biggest challenges through building impactful ventures. To achieve this vision we have been on a steady journey to decipher and decode a repeatable blueprint that enables us to generate, validate, build, and launch ventures that scale, at scale. 

To date, we have categorised The Delta as a venture builder, yet we've discovered that this model falls short of the expansive scope our mission demands. Instead, one of our deepest learnings about the potency of an ecosystem – a dynamic network, interconnections, and a thriving community – has proved instrumental. Our most successful ventures consistently showcased this vital ingredient – the ability to link ventures with precisely what or whom they required, at the right time. As we've learned, it's not just about crafting and building ventures; it's about affording access to a resource-rich ecosystem – comprising angels, investors, advisors, talent, corporates, capital, services, and fellow ventures. 

Through the relentless pursuit of The Delta’s mission – iterating, pivoting, and expanding upon our hypothesis – we saw this calling for an ecosystem unfold. In response, and over the last several years, we’ve moulded a suite of business models, “pillars,” that collectively create this dynamic, comprehensive ecosystem.

Today’s announcement sees us formalising these pillars as core areas of The Delta – each with its own distinct value proposition, its own specific mission, offering one or many solutions to serve the varying needs of its stakeholders. These pillars include Delta Services, Delta Capital, Delta Studio, Delta Campus, and the upcoming Delta Foundation (arriving in 2024). 

While each pillar can stand and operate independently, the key differentiator lies in the tight integration and synergistic collaboration between them, creating a unique flywheel that enables us to unlock much greater value for our ventures, and revolutionise the way we define success for startups.

Our pillars create a flywheel of extraordinary value for ventures within our ecosystem.

Unpacking The Pillars: From Idea to Exit

Delta Studio: Where Ventures Come to Life

Our venture flywheel begins within Delta Studio where we originate new ventures, with a bold vision of each venture being AAA in value.

Our multi-partner studio model is built upon almost a decade of experimentation and our confident hypothesis that industry-defining ventures are built upon a strong founding event. Such an event brings together the top 1% of founders and the top 1% of operator-angels, with the backing of immense resources. 

In Delta Studio, our mission is to catalyse these rare and powerful founding situations with enhanced predictability and repeatability. We partner with leading operator-angels, known as Delta Partners, to build ventures that align with their passion, alongside high-potential founders. 

The Delta’s partner base already includes entrepreneurs such as Julian Teicke of wefox, David Padilla of Kenjo, Fabi Wesemann of wefox, Nicklas Teicke of doctorly, Dawa Phillips of Empowerment Holdings, and others. Learn more here

Delta Capital: Powering Growth and Unleashing Potential

Access to capital at the right time will power the continued growth of a venture. 

Our team at Delta Capital ensures appropriate funding and investment resources are delivered into high-potential ventures within the ecosystem. We dive into our ever-growing investor network to identify the most attractive and synergistic investment opportunities and help to facilitate the process – a benefit to investor/s and venture alike.

This is an important instance that highlights the value of the pillar structure. Conflict of interest is a complex issue in venture creation, with founders being blocked by competing interests between VCs, studios, and services companies. We believe that by having a common shareholder and effectively controlling conflicts of interest between our ventures, the pillars, and our external partners, we can unlock significant value and ensure that the right value is provided at exactly the right time. 

The Delta has invested alongside and facilitated investments with tier-1 international investors such as Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, Target Global, and others. Learn more about Delta Capital here

Delta Services: Custom Support for Rapid Progress 

Ventures from pre-seed to Series A+ can find the talent and resources they need in the Delta Services pillar to deliver on their vision and promised value to investors. With a team of 150+ trusted venture builders, ventures can engage a bespoke team for hands-on support across a range of areas such as product development, go-to-market execution, and systems implementation

Our Services pillar has delivered ventures like Strove, Revio, Playbook, Kenjo, and others into their respective markets and helped them scale their systems, make their first hires, and grow their initial customer base. Learn more about our services for startups, scaleups, and corporations.

Delta Campus: Where Connections and Collaboration Happen

Delta Campus is our shared workspaces in Berlin, designed to enable founders, investors and stakeholders from our ecosystem to connect and unlock meaningful value. These spaces underpin our community. Beyond the physical infrastructure, Delta Campus offers a range of support services tailored to the needs of startups. This includes mentorship programs, networking events, and educational workshops that provide valuable insights and guidance to entrepreneurs. 

Set to launch in early 2024, founders can enquire about available office space here.

Behind the Pillars: The Delta Partners

The pillars are fundamental to our mission. However, the cornerstone of our ecosystem approach lies in our Delta partners. A group of top-tier individuals committed to contributing their time, resources, and knowledge into our ventures. They engage with us by co-founding ventures, extending access to networks and deal-flow, providing hands-on operational support, and more. They form the solid foundational layer beneath the capabilities of our pillars and shape the distinctive character of our ecosystem. More on our partners in the coming months.

Final thoughts 

This development is ultimately a result of many years of hard work and dedication, finding ways to support founders, investors and teams to change the future.

By creating an environment where people with significant impact in mind can find the necessary components to make their vision a reality, The Delta aims to facilitate the journey of founders who are dedicated to making a significant positive impact on the world.  With this ambitious change, I’m confident that we will be able to truly take our ability to solve the world's biggest problems to the next level. 

To engage with the ecosystem, contact us here.

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