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Delta Connect is a recurring networking event for the ambitious innovators in our community to come together in discussion over the common challenges and opportunities in the startup world. Hosted by The Delta.

Previous speakers
Alexandria Procter
David Torr
Thando Hlongwane
Ahren Posthumus
Ruaan Botha Revio
Ruaan Botha
Nubi Kay Paystack
Nubi Kay
Adam Romyn Momint
Adam Romyn
Hilton Warmback Playbook
Hilton Warmback
Alex Matthews The Delta
Alex Matthews
Finn Plotz SEON Group
Finn Plotz
Highlights from the last Delta Connect

What I Would Have Done Differently: MVP Learnings from Product Leaders

Our last event featured four product leaders who took the audience through their standout lessons from building (and sometimes burning) their MVPs.

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Wednesday 22 February
Cape Town, South Africa
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Join us in Cape Town for an interactive evening filled with keynote speeches, a panel discussion, and valuable networking time!

Featured in this next instalment of Delta Connect, four seasoned entrepreneurs will be sharing some of the lessons they learnt the hard way when building the earlier versions of their product – and what they would’ve done differently if they had the chance.

Hosted & moderated by
Tsepo Ntsaba

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Keynote Speakers & Panellists
Adam Romyn
Finn Plotz
Hilton Warmback
Alex Matthews
Adam Romyn

Adam Romyn is a seasoned technology entrepreneur with a track record of founding four startups, one of which scaled to 1.5 million users in just 72 hours and resulted in a successful exit. He is a true polymath, having shipped numerous products and taken on multiple roles within his co-founded startups. Driven by a passion for using technology to tackle global challenges, Adam is currently serving as the Chief Technology Officer of Momint, a blockchain startup.

Alex Matthews

Alex is the co-founder and Chief Product & Operating Officer of The Delta. She co-founded the Delta in 2015 with a background in blockchain, fintech software engineering, and data engineering, and has since helped numerous startups working with The Delta to build their MVP by providing strategic direction and execution support through the Product teams she's led internally.

Finn Plotz

Finn is Chief Executive Officer at SEON Group, a multi-national enterprise software company. His career as a serial entrepreneur started right out of high school and has taken him through various industries around the globe. In his latest venture, Finn is dedicating his efforts to enabling faster emergency response times in the private security space through the use of technology. For his team's achievements in stability and contingency operations, Finn was awarded the ISOA Global Impact Award for Innovation 2022.

Hilton Warmback

Hilton Warmback is a seasoned technologist and serial entrepreneur currently serving as the SVP of Engineering at Playbook. As a senior leader, Hilton is responsible for setting the strategic direction and standards for the technology being developed at his organisation. Throughout his career, Hilton has been recognised as an innovative leader, winning multiple awards for his work in the fields of technology and customer experience management. He takes pride in creating a positive and supportive work environment for his teams, and is passionate about solving real-world problems using technology.

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