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October 23, 2021

Priv Enters into Sell-With Alliance with Deloitte Legal, Germany

Priv branding UI design showcase done by The Delta venture builder.
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Louis Buys

Founder & CEO, The Delta

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We’re incredibly excited to announce that one of our ventures, Priv, has entered into a sell-with alliance, with Deloitte Legal, Germany.

Priv, a software tool for the intelligent management of privacy tasks within enterprises, has become a technology partner of Deloitte Legal and their new PrivacyManager by Deloitte offering. 

Through Priv's intelligent privacy platform, organisations will be able to manage their privacy tasks while collaborating with Deloitte's privacy consultants.

Source: Priv

We believe that data privacy is not only a major regulatory challenge, but is increasingly becoming the decisive factor in the success or failure of digital transformation in companies. 

We’re delighted to have Deloitte as a strong partner on our side.

Read the Deloitte Legal article on their data-privacy services and Priv’s role here.

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