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April 14, 2022

Investing in luca: €30 million raise for the payments app

We are extremely proud to announce our investment, alongside Target Global, in Luca, which has raised an historic €30m seed round.
April 14, 2022
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Founder & CEO, The Delta

luca is a contact-tracing solution that brings the data of multiple customers together, while preserving their privacy, to inform relevant health authorities of Coronavirus cases and possible transmissions. It has created a web of knowledge that has the potential to keep global health authorities one step ahead of the virus.

In a matter of months, 40 million people downloaded the luca app in Germany, a number that is growing daily. Through its partnership with more than 450,000 social establishments, it has helped distribute more than half a million Covid warnings, allowing these locations to operate more peacefully and saving thousands of lives while doing so. It is a true pandemic success story.

This is why we saw a huge opportunity in luca. It’s an app that can help reinstate social engagements in a post-pandemic world in which people will want to enjoy their social lives without risk. luca can move towards becoming an end-to-end app for social engagements, leveraging the security features it has already developed for contact-tracing. Just imagine being able to go to a concert with your loved ones, with the ability to purchase your ticket, pay for all the extras, and secure your entrance by showing your vaccination status? This is the future of luca, and this is why we see it delivering real value to all of us. 

We are excited to welcome luca founder, Patrick Hennig, into our ecosystem.

We believe that data is a key building block to empower users to live better lives. luca has had an unwavering focus on finding ways to use data in an encrypted way to solve real-world problems such as contact-tracing, and we believe it has demonstrated a bold vision for new ways it can create further value in the future.

Ultimately, it’s a solution needed across the rest of the world, and we believe it will become Europe’s fastest-growing app in no time.

That is why we are so proud of our investment in luca. We look forward to supporting it through further funding rounds.

luca is only the beginning. Our portfolio of early-stage ventures across Europe & Africa includes the likes of handly, doctorly, Playbook, Strove, and Revio, all of which we are gearing up for similarly ambitious seed rounds.

If you would like access to promising dealflow and a passport into our growing venture ecosystem, talk to us today.

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