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What every first-time founder needs

Guidance on where to place your focus

As a startup founder, you'll be faced with a million competing priorities. It's essential that you learn to recognise and focus on outcomes that will bring maximum impact to your venture.

Introductions to potential partners and new connections

Network isn't everything, but it is a big piece of the success pie. Founders can leverage The Delta's established international network, spanning numerous industries and opportunity types.

Establishing your competitive advantage

Your unfair advantage is essential to the direction and trajectory of your venture. Our team thrives in ambiguity and unearthing your venture's winning differentiators.

Receive advice from our team of seasoned venture builders.

Starter Advisory Package
Expert advice can be invaluable when it comes to making specific decisions within product, design, marketing, finance or HR. It is likely that you cannot hire these individuals permanently, as this would be expensive and unnecessary at this early stage of your venture.

Access 10 hours per month of expert advice and insights on-demand so that you can rest assured that you're making the right call as you build your venture.
Premium Advisory Package
Access 20 hours per month of strategic advice from experts within The Delta who can provide guidance across your product, UX, tech, leadership and talent needs.

When you are in Angel/Pre-Seed or even Seed stage, you often cannot afford or do not want to hire a full time team member. Being able to access strategic advice from experts is an investment that enables you to keep your costs low, while continuing to run your daily business operations.
CEO Acceleration
As a founder, you have a lot on your plate - sometimes it can be hard to identify what should be prioritised. The Delta offers CEO mentorship and guidance related to the unique requirements of this role.

With focused, 1:1 sessions, you get dedicated advice from a CEO who has seen and overcome similar challenges. In turn, you get on-hand support on the decisions you're making within your venture.
CTO Mentorship
When you're scaling and haven't formally filled this important role yet, you still need the advice of an experienced CTO.

With 1:1 focused sessions, you get dedicated advice from a CTO who has seen and overcome similar tech-based challenges. Unlock our CTO Mentorship to access 10 hours per month with a season CTO within The Delta who can support you with building your engineering team in line with industry best practices.

Access strategic support on your journey as an entrepreneur.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you deliver the best impact for your venture.

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