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How we can help you raise

Fundraising audit & strategy

Our Fundraising Strategy and Audit services are perfect for getting everything in order before you start approaching investors, preemptively addressing red flags before investors see them.

Fundraising support

Our Fundraising Support service helps showcase your venture to investors and advisors, off the back of relationships initiated and cultivated by The Delta.

Fundraising audit & strategy

Fundraising discovery

We assess your venture with you, understanding both the state of your business and its specific needs while highlighting the standardised pitfalls for ventures entering into a fundraising round.

Audit workshop

Members of our team examine your venture holistically, and provide insights into the critical areas of the venture that are inhibiting it from achieving potential fundraising success.

Strategy workshop

With the findings from the discovery and audit workshops, we help you crystallise the fundraising round details, as well as the round strategy and narrative.

Post-workshop report

Our team condenses the findings and conclusions from your workshops into a comprehensive report to guide your actions leading up to your fundraising round.

Fundraising support

For founders who are ready to raise, we identify optimal investment opportunities within our network, creating and nurturing these relationships while helping prepare your venture for pitching. We provide the requisite support to open, execute and close your fundraising round.

Available to clients who wish to leverage our investor network
Dependent on the stage and track record of the venture

Build a compelling case for your next round.

Work with our fundraising specialists and improve your odds for securing investment.

See our work in action


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